Baron's Drug Store
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Drop Off Your Packages.

Baron's Drug Store participates in both the FedEx Drop Off and UPS Drop Off services. Feel free to drop off any ready packages in our office located near the back of the store. You can drop off any packages during open hours, even if pickup time has passed.

Unfortunately, we do not accept USPS packages.

No Shipping Label? No Problem.

If you don't have a ready package with a shipping label, you can still bring it in for drop-off. Baron's provides on-site shipping labels.

UPS Access Point.

Baron's is also a UPS Access Point. You can pick up your UPS packages dropped off at our store. Be sure to bring your ID for pickup.

FedEx Ground Pickup
Mondays - Fridays12 PM
Saturdays - SundaysNo Pickup
FedEx Express Pickup
Mondays - Fridays8 PM
Saturdays4 PM
SundaysNo Pickup
UPS Pickup
Mondays - Fridays3 PM
Saturdays - SundaysNo Pickup